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Worry Free Inter-Jurisdictional Process Serving Completed In a Prompt, Efficient, Courteous and Professional Way For A Service Done Right The First Time!!!

We Serve Nationwide and Internationally!
Process Services:
Summons/Complaints Secretary Of State
Landlord/Tenant Document Retrieval
Citations Purchase Index/Docket Numbers
Writs/Subpoenas File Documents With court
Orders Of Protection Skip Trace/Postal Searches
Divorces Occupancy Verifications

Financial Services:
Asset and Liability Verifications/Investigations
Fields Calls/Field Chases/Door Knocks

We have a Nationwide network of over 2200 dedicated Field Agents to provide field call services for Lending Institutions, Collectors, Law Firms, etc. helping to reduce their slow or non-paying Debtors and bridging the gap of their lack of response conducting Asset & Liability Investigations, Occupancy Verifications, etc.

Our technologically advanced and user friendly software provides you with secured web based encryption of your data transmission on a 24 hour 7 day basis.

Many Debtors dodge the numerous collection calls that you place. The monthly collection letters that you send to the Debtor go into the trash unopened! The result – Their financial obligation just sits in your files growing as well as your frustrations!

Nationwide's Agents understand and comply with FDCPA rules.

On a typical Field call our Agents will:
1. Attempt "Person-to-Person" contact with the Debtor.
2. Hand Deliver a contact letter, in a sealed envelope marked "Personal & Confidential".
3. Stress that the Debtor contacts a Collector at the time of visit if requested by Collector.
4. 3rd party information update if the Debtor is not at location.
5. Collateral or Property Inspections. *Digital photos of building, collateral, etc..

Remember - it is easy for a Debtor not to answer the phone and to avoid your requests for contact from your numerous letters, but when an Agent is standing on their doorstep there is no avoidance!

We will use a gentle but firm approach to persuade the Debtor to call while the Agent is on location (again if requested), reassuring them that it is in their best interest for an immediate contact with you!

Please feel free to call to discuss your needs, a company representative can then design a custom package to meet your specific requirements.

It is a known fact that a "Person-to-Person" Field Call results in an 85% to 95% resolution in Debtors bringing their accounts up to date!